Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should a homeowner have preventative maintenance performed on their garage doors?

A: At least every 6 months


Q: I would like an Estimate on a Residential Garage, but there are so many options. How does the sales team assist with this?

A: We have a technician visit your home to perform a full inspection, take photos, and measure. The technician then provides the sales team with the information. 

We then generate an Estimate or Estimates for you along with providing you with a photo of your garage with examples of the doors we are quoting. 

This gives you a visual to assist in your decision-making process.


Q: My Garage Door Opener Isn’t working?

A: First, check to see if the light is illuminated on the remote, if not it may be the battery. Batteries are sold at hardware and local stores, Batteries are typically CR2032 or 3V

If the light is coming on, and/or you have replaced it, you may need to reprogram your remote to the unit itself. We can provide you with instructions based on the unit you have.


Q: I own a Commercial Property, and the cable snapped. I am unable to secure the door for the night. What should I do?

A: Call Our Office (508) 399-7981 as soon as you discover there is a problem and service is needed. We take pride in getting Our technicians out as soon as possible to assist and secure your business.